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EXCLUSIVE: Grove Biz Shady Pines Primitive Charged with “Theft by Deception”


By Hilde Kate Lysiak
January 4, 2018

A local business owner was charged with “theft by deception” after allegedly receiving $1,500 worth of furniture from a North Carolina company and then disputing the charges on his account, according to police.

Vincent Charles Herman, the Owner of Shady Pines Primitives, was charged with Theft By Deception after he allegedly bought furniture from the Dunroven House in North Carolina then disputed the charges on his credit card. After the dispute, Dunroven employee Annette De Marco spotted the furniture for sale on the Shady Pines Facebook page and contacted the Selinsgrove Police.

“De Marco informed PD that furniture was delivered and then observed the furniture that was made for business is on facebook page for sale,” read the criminal complaint.

The furniture included a 34′ wing chair w/clover black mustard fabric, and high back loveseat w/plad black fabric with a total value of $1,529.10, according to police.

On December 4th the police spoke to Herman and gave them the information to settle the charges, but ten days later the company said that no one had contacted them, according to police.

However, Herman told the Orange Street News that the Dunroven House never contacted him after the credit card dispute and that he has been trying to have it settled.

“The Dunroven house said that they emailed and tried to call me [to confirm the purchase] but I did not get anything,” Herman added.

The charges will soon be dropped, according to Herman.

“It was a misunderstanding but it is all worked out now,” Herman told the OSN

“Hopefully the by next week everything will be dropped,” he added.

The OSN contacted Dunroven House employee De Marco in North Carolina by phone, but De Marco wouldn’t comment because she didn’t believe the OSN was the OSN.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking to you without being able to verify that you are who you say you are,” De Marco told the OSN.

“How do I know that you are who you say you are?” she added.

Herman was charged with “Theft by Deception” and “Theft by Unlawful Taking.”

A hearing is scheduled for January 30th at 9:15 am at 1025 US Rt 522.

4 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Grove Biz Shady Pines Primitive Charged with “Theft by Deception”

  1. LaHarriet Vanwinkle
    March 20, 2018

    Shady busines practices, even in their name.


  2. Anonymous
    October 3, 2018

    This Guy is a regular con man – He sent our company a couple checks to pay down his bill–. Then cancelled them and change his number


  3. Anonymous
    October 3, 2018

    Ya, Ive heard of him slithering around the Cash and Carry shows handing vendors bad cheques and fake phone numbers.


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