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Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch was slapped down again. This time by a judge for banning private citizens on his public social media account. Piecuch has behaved badly, but worse, under his watch, the drug problem in Selinsgrove has spiraled out of control. He needs to go before things continue to get worse.


WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES AND LANGUAGE The Orange Street News interviews the alleged victim of the alleged Selinsgrove KKK member and uncovers shocking new details that support claims that the suspect may have been inspired by a possible hatred of non-whites.


As part of an ongoing investigation, the Orange Street News spoke to multiple students who are currently going to Selinsgrove High School. They see a drug problem spiraling out of control with no one doing anything to stop it. Today the OSN questioned Selinsgrove School Superintendant Chad Cohrs. Filmed and Edited by Isabel Lysiak.


Last week an ambulance pulled up to the entrance at Selinsgrove High School. It was another drug overdose. As part of an ongoing investigation, the Orange Street News spoke to multiple students who are currently going to Selinsgrove High School. They see a drug problem spiraling out of control with no one doing anything to stop it. Fimed and Edited by Isabel Lysiak.


The Orange Street News is requesting an interview with President Donald J Trump on Saturday when he comes to Harrisburg to discuss the issues facing the people of Selinsgrove.The OSN has been unable to reach President Trump through his website or by emailing his advisors. The OSN is hoping you see this video, Mr. President.


Chris Kalcich sits down with the OSN to discuss what it is like to be a transgender person at Selinsgrove High School and responds to his critics. Kalcich is one of three transgender students at Selinsgrove High School.


OSN EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch Vandals Swipe HUGE Business Sign!


The OSN has exclusively found the mysterious beast that has been puzzling residents all over Snyder County. Is it a big cat? A wolf? A Mountain Lion? Or something else? Find out by clicking on this exclusive video! MUST CREDIT THE ORANGE STREET NEWS. Video shot and edited by Isabel Lysiak.


TRASHED! Forest by the Susquehanna River Turned Disgusting Dumping Ground!


OSN EXCLUSIVE: Hit-and-Run Victim Katherine Blann Interview


OSN Calls For Resignation of Snyder County District Attorney Mike Piecuch.



Public forum shows Selinsgrove still divided over transgender use of bathrooms.

OSN EXCLUSIVE: Why Are Businesses Closing In Selinsgrove?!


Orange Street News hits the street for Exclusive Election Day Coverage to find out what issues are important to residents.


The Orange Street News Exclusive interview with candidate Mike Molesevich. Molesevich is running for the 10th Congressional District against Congressman Tom Marino. The OSN will also be reaching out to Congressman Marino to request an interview. The OSN doesn’t specialize in politics (I prefer crime) but tried to come up with questions that the people would find interesting. The OSN will not be endorsing any candidates.


The Orange Street News took to the streets of Selinsgrove to ask Grove residents who they want to see become the next President of the United States.


Is there a child creeper in Selinsgrove? Two eye witnesses have come forward exclusively to the Orange Street News to tell the story of a man who hides behind bushes and watches people with binoculars


Grove man running streak reaches 900 straight days


A Selinsgrove family could do nothing but watch as a speeding car ran over their dog, Maxine, and just kept driving. The family is hoping the driver comes forward and apologizes and that drivers slow down.


EXCLUSIVE The Selinsgrove man who was banned from Susquehanna University for being a suspected creeper while looking for a lost dog wanted an apology but instead was warned not to talk to the media


Grove business owners complain police aren’t enforcing the two hour parking rules and that people are taking up spots in the downtown sometimes all night


Two menacing gun thieves swiped a Smith and Wesson MP 15 TS AR-15 valued at $1,300 from High Velocity Firearms at 8 N Market Street on Friday, May 13th at 4:20pm.


Two potted planters were swiped off of residents property in Selinsgrove Friday night.


The 21-year old man who was charged with damaging the plants at the Selinsgrove Commons on April 2nd agreed to have a one on one sit down interview with the Orange Street News so he could tell the people of Selinsgrove his side of the story.

The man says he is a respectable person, not a menace, and apologized to the people of Selinsgrove. He also claims that he only did it once in a fit of rage and that he is not the one responsible for the all the other acts of vandalism at the Commons.

Is he telling the truth?

He agreed to allow the OSN to tape part of the interview. Judge for yourself.


Residents of Harris Estates in Selinsgrove believe a wild black bear is on the loose!


Nine days after cops claim they caught the vandal ripping up plants at the Commons, Selinsgrove Police are still refusing to release the name to the public.

4/3/2016 Orange Street News publisher Hilde Kate Lysiak answers critics who think she is too young to be reporting the news.

4/2/2016 Orange Street News is reporting from the scene of a breaking crime with exclusive details of a murder on Ninth Street

3/22/2016 Town officials are promising an end to the vandalism that has been terrorizing Selinsgrove! The plant haters struck the Selinsgrove Commons late Friday and Sunday nights, tipping large planters over, spreading a mess of dirt everywhere, stealing shrubs and ripping several expensive plants up from the ground.

“I’m really mad,” said Carol Handlin, who takes care of the Selinsgrove Commons.

March 21, 2016 The Orange Street News is now offering a $100 no questions asked cash reward for information that leads to the discovery of who vandalized the Selinsgrove Commons.Email all tips to or call 570-259-9874. The Orange Street News will keep everyone anonymous and will hand the money over no questions asked!

OSN INVESTIGATION: Is Grove Drinking Water Safe?

Selinsgrove is getting a fifth police officer! Orange Street News Publisher Hilde Lysiak speaking at the March Borough Council about the need for a fifth police officer. Hilde’s efforts were also featured on WNEP.

“We are going through the process,” Selinsgrove Mayor Jeff Reed told the Orange Street News. “We are hoping for May 1st.”

Published on Feb 8, 2016
Exclusive Orange Street News Investigation reveals that drugs are being used at the Moose Playground in Selinsgrove.

Published on Feb 1, 2016
Breaking News Alert! Orange Street News Investigation Reveals Drugs are Being Used at Selinsgrove Middle School.

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