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Dolls in the Attic

A Terrifying Short Story

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


Once there was a girl named Georgia. She was nine years old, had long black hair, and loved to play with dolls.
But they weren’t normal dolls. They were antique dolls made of glass.
One day when Georgia had been playing with her dolls she mysteriously went missing. Her parents looked everywhere but still could not find her.
They were overcome with sadness and moved away, leaving all the dolls behind in the attic.
A year later another family bought the house. They had a daughter named Izzy. She was five years old and had long blonde hair.
Her parents had warned her not to go into the attic, afraid of rats and such, but Izzy didn’t always listen to what her parents told her.
One day when her parents were not home she heard a noise coming from the attic.

Izzy was curious kind of girl and she loved dolls so she decided to investigate.
She opened the attic door and went inside. The antique glass dolls were staring at her with their creepy glass eyes.
“I’m not scared,” Izzy thought to herself. “They are just dolls.
“They aren’t real and can’t hurt me.”
In a dark corner of the attic she saw this one doll more beautiful then the rest with long see through glass hair that interested her. Its eyes sparkled blue like the ocean and it stood about one foot high.
She walked over to it, wanting to touch it, but right before she could put her hand on its glassy cheek, it disappeared.
Startled, she looked around the room.
The glass doll then reappeared in front of the attic door, blocking her so she couldn’t get out.
“Am I losing my mind,” Izzy thought to herself, puzzled.
“I thought that was in the corner.”

All of a sudden ten glass dolls were blocking the door. She looked closer and unbelievably, saw they were holding small glass knives.
“I’m never going to get out,” she thought. “I’m going to die here!”
She screamed loudly.
Meanwhile, her parents had come home. They heard the scream and came rushing upstairs to the attic.
“I’m never going to get out,” she thought. “I’m going to die here!”
They pushed open the attic door really hard until it flew open, knocking over the glass dolls and shattering them into a million small pieces.
They asked her what happened.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!” Izzy said.
“But lets just say next time you tell me not to go into the attic I’m going to listen!”

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