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Layla and the Talking Toothbrush SHORT STORY

Layla and the Talking Toothbrush 

A Short Story By Hilde Kate Lysiak

“Wake up!” said Layla’s parents. “It is time to brush your teeth.”PastedGraphic-1

“Ok!” said Layla, and she went to brush her teeth. “This is going to be the best day ever,” she thought.
“Only if you do not brush your teeth!” said the toothbrush.
“Who said that?” said Layla.
“Me!” said the toothbrush.
“Ahhhhh!” screamed Layla and she ran downstairs.
“Mom, the toothbrush was talking to me!”
“No, Layla, tooth brushes do not talk!” said her mother. “Now go upstairs and get dressed.”
So Layla went upstairs and pulled out a shirt.
“Hello!” said the t-shirt.
“Ahhhhh!” said Layla. and she ran back downstairs to her mother.
“The t-shirt was talking!” said Layla.
“No, Layla, t-shirts do not talk,” said her mother. “Now go get a shower.”
“Fine!” yelled Layla and she ran to the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back.
“Please do not do that, Layla!” said the shower curtain.
“Ahhhhh!” shouted Layla and she ran down to her mother again.
“Mom, the shower curtain was talking to me,” Layla said.
“No, Layla, shower curtains do not talk. I do not believe you. You are not telling the truth!” said her mother.
Layla started to scream: “Ahhhhh!”
But it was all a dream!
her mother came rushing toward her.
“Are you ok?” her mother asked.
“Yes,” said Layla. “It was all just a bad dream.
Then she got up and went to brush her teeth.
“Hi Layla, how are you doing?” asked the toothbrush.
“Ahhhhh!” screamed Layla.

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