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Short Story: Happy Birthday Lenis


Once there was a girl. Her name was Lenis. She had blue eyes and a pale face. She was five years old. It was just before night. The clock said 8:00.

“Time for bed,” said her mother who had blue eyes and red hair with a very tan face. She was wearing a red tank top and pajama pants.

So, Lenis said, “ok,” and up she went to bed.

Then, she woke up.

“HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!” said her mother.

“What?!” said Lenis. “I thought I was 5!”

“That was 15 years ago,” said her mother.

“Mmm…ok,” said Lenis, looking puzzled. “I think I could get used to this.”

The digital calendar said, April 15th, 2030.

“It is bill paying day,” said Lenis’s mother.

Lenis looked confused.

“Oh…you don’t know?…never mind,” said her mother.

“I’m going shoe shopping now,” Lenis said as she walked to the old shoe store nearby.

She picked out glimmering shoes and put them on the counter.

“I would like to buy these,” said Lenis.

“What are you from…pre-school?” asked the woman working at the register.

“Ah…actually, yes,” answered Lenis.

“Oh, I get it—you’re a teacher,” said the woman. “I have a daughter who is looking for a pre-school.”

“Never mind!” said Lenis, as she ran out the door. “I guess the shoe store is not a great place to go. I will go to the mall to get a hot-dog.”

“Wake-up,” said a mysterious voice.

“Who said that?” asked Lenis.

All of a sudden, she woke up. She was still five years old and it was all just a dream.

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