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The Collection

A Short Story IMG_20150814_152820318~5By Hilde Lysiak

Once there was a girl named, Ella. She loved collecting things. One day, she was eating breakfast and her mom called her.
“Honey,” she said.
“What Mom?” Ella responded.
“You have a package in the mail,” her mom said.
Ella opened the package. It was from her grandmother that she had never met. It was a 60’s porcelain tea set.
“I love it!” said Ella.
“Who is it from?” asked her mom.
“I’m not telling,” Ella responded.
Her mother was not surprised. Ella NEVER told who got them for her. She put them on her dresser along with the rest of her collection.
Then she went to school. In the middle of the day, the school called her mom and said that Ella wasn’t moving or talking.
Ella’s mother was so scared. She raced to the school to pick her up. When she got there, Ella could talk again.
“All I remember is feeling very, very tired,” said Ella.
Her mother thought it was best to take her home.
When they got there, they found that everything in Ella’s bedroom had been smashed…except the tea set.
Twenty years later, Ella still thought about that day. She decided she should finally tell her mother who had given her the collection. When she called and told her mom, her mom hung the phone up.
The next day, when Ella called back, her mother told Ella that her grandmother had died before Ella was even born.

One comment on “The Collection

  1. Ruslan Johan
    September 18, 2015

    Lovely news make my days
    Thx fr thousands of miles


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