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Christmas Spectacular! Vandal Trap?

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
Selinsgrove is bracing for an epic Christmas that not even the hated plant vandal can ruin!
`The list of Holiday Happenings is full:
*Dec 1st, Tuesday is late shoppers night!

*Dec 5th, Saturday at 9am is the Santa Dash followed by the Pet Parade at 2pm
* Dec 27th BJ’s is hosting an ugly sweater contest at 9pm.
* Kind Cafe is offering its famous gingerbread flavored lattes all month.
* Selinsgrove even has its very own holiday song. Isabel Lysiak’s recently released “Christmas in Selinsgrove” is available at stores all over the Grove.
* Selinsgrove has been decorated with wonderful white snowflake lights on Front Street.
“This is going to be the best Christmas ever,” Helen Walter told the Orange Street News.IMG_20151130_105625443_HDR
That is unless the Grinch vandal finds a way to ruin everyones good cheer.
The plant vandal better not get any ideas. A source tells the Orange Street News that cameras are pointed directly at the large Christmas Tree in the Commons.
“If the vandal knows whats good for them they won’t lay on finger on that tree,” the source told the News

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