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The Flight

A Short Story by Hilde Kate Lysiak

Once there was a woman named Katie.  She was a photographer who traveled all around the world.  She got very lonely on the long flights so her sister decided to hire someone to keep her company.  Katie went to meet this person and was surprised to see that she was actually a young girl!
“Hi,` what is your name?,” Katie asked.
“Emma,”said the young girl.  “Are you Katie?”
Katie and Emma went on their flight.
Katie looked over at Emma and realized that Emma seemed kind of scared.  What Katie didn’t know was Emma’s biggest fear in the whole world was flying!
Because of this, Emma’s mother made her take the job as Katie’s travel friend  in hopes that she would overcome her fear.
Katie decided to tell Emma a story to help take her mind off of the flight:
“Once,” she began, “I had to take a picture of a killer whale.  I was in Russia where there were none so I booked a flight to somewhere else.  About five hours into the flight, the ground started to rumble.  A hurricane was coming.  I was terrified!
A flight attendant came rushing back and handed me a parachute. I grabbed it and tumbled out the door of the plane.  Bam! The parachute landed me right into the ocean.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the hurricane’s effect on the water created a giant whirlpool.  It sucked me in the water.  I held my breath so long I must have passed out.
I woke a the bottom of the ocean.
The whirlpool had stopped.  But right next to me was a killer whale!  I realized that my underwater camera was in my pocket.  I was so lucky!  Snap.  Click.
I took a picture of the killer whale and then swam to the surface and called for help.  Finally, a helicopter flew by and rescued me.”
Emma stared at Katie for a moment and then broke out in a smile.  The plane was landing at their destination.  They had made it through the flight!
As they walked out of the airport, Katie realized she was no longer lonely and Emma realized she was no longer afraid of flying.

One comment on “The Flight

  1. Laurie Baeder
    December 29, 2015

    What a wonderful story Katie. You have a great imagination!


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