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Drugs Hit Selinsgrove Middle School!


SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE Investigation Reveals Serious Drug Problem!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
There is a drug problem at Selinsgrove Middle School.

Interviews with several students have revealed that drugs like weed have become common.

“A lot of kids are doing drugs,” one student told the Orange Street News.

There were drugs at the Middle School dance in January, according to several witnesses.

“A kid had weed in his bag,” a witness said. “Everyone saw it.”
However, the school claims to have heard nothing about it.

“There was no one caught with drugs at the school dance,” Superintendent Chad Cohrs told the Orange Street News.

But the school admits that drugs are a problem.

In 2015 there were 31 juvenile cases and 166 adult cases in Snyder County related to drugs, according to Snyder County DA Mike Piecuch.

Cohrs says they are working hard to fight the drug problem including using drug dogs in both the middle and high schools.`

“The use of drugs and alcohol is not only a school issue but a societal issue,” Cohrs told the Orange Street News.

2 comments on “Drugs Hit Selinsgrove Middle School!

  1. Sonia Stamm
    February 2, 2016

    That’s is one of the reasons my daughter dropped out and went to cyber school and the BULLYING is really Bad also and the School says they have everything under control YEAH RIGHT


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