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The Girl Who Thought She Was On Earth

A Short Story by Hilde Kate Lysiak

Hanna Gooley, a 13 year old girl, lived on Cooteal—a planet far away.
She was having trouble with her vision so her father, Bill, took her to see the doctor.
“Hi Hanna.  Hi Bill,” the doctor said as they entered.
“Here—drink this,” the doctor said anxiously.
“What is it?” asked Bill, a bit confused that the doctor had not done an examination.“It’s medicine to make Hanna’s eyes better,” the doctor assured Hanna’s dad. Hanna drank it.
“I hate you!” Hanna screamed and stormed out of the doctor’s office.
“What happened?” Bill asked worriedly.
“Oops,” said the doctor.  “Maybe I should have read you the side effects…”
Bill glared at the doctor.  “Side effects?!  What are they?!” demanded Bill.
“Confusion,” the doctor said.  “Major confusion.”
“She won’t think she’s on a different planet?,” Bill asked sarcastically.
“Well…about that…” trailed the doctor.
Hanna reached her house and went straight to her room and laid on her bed.  An hour or two later her sister, Emily, came in.
“It’s dinner time, Hanna,” Emily said.
“I hate you and everybody on Earth!” yelled Hanna.
“Earth?” screamed Emily.
Emily ran downstairs and told her mom, Julie.
“Hanna thinks she’s on Earth, Mom!”
“There is no way she thinks she’s on Earth”, said Julie.  Stop making nonsense up just like you lied about not eating the sugar bowl.
“I’m not lying! I swear,” said Emily.
Julie was very tired and had no time for Emily’s nonsense but dragged her upstairs to prove there was nothing to be worried about.
They entered Hanna’s room.  Hanna was still just laying quietly on her bed.
“Hanna,” Julie asked in an exhausted voice, “what planet do you live on?”
“I live on Earth, of course.  It’s not like I live here alone, although I wish I did!  Now get out of my room!” Hanna yelled.
“Bill!  Bill” Julie screamed.
Hanna’s dad came running.
“Bill, can you explain why Hanna thinks she lives on Earth?!” Julie asked.
“Long story,” Bill answered.
Just then, the phone rang.  It was the doctor.  Bill put him on speakerphone.
“Yeah, sorry about the Earth thing,” the doctor laughed nervously.  “Don’t worry, in a few days, she won’t feel anything at all.  Now, I have to go make arrangements for some human body research I have coming up.”
Hanna’s parents looked at each other and screamed.PastedGraphic-1

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