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Christmas in March? Tree Confusion!


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

For Selinsgrove — its Christmas in March.

Three months after the holiday season the traditional Christmas tree is still up at the Selinsgrove Commons.

“It’s March!” Selinsgrove resident Amy Putrow told the Orange Street News. “Christmas belongs in its own season.”

But Bruce Johnson, a member at the Commons Council told the Orange Street News that its not a Christmas tree at all.

“Its just a beautiful tree to be displayed,” Johnson told the Orange Street News.

He said the tree will be removed by the end of March

One comment on “Christmas in March? Tree Confusion!

  1. S. Koch
    March 3, 2016

    Talking about being Christmas in March, it must be Christmas 24/7 at Isabella’s Restaurant. They have a huge “Christmas Wreath” hanging outside on their building. I am not sure how long it’s been there, but my husband and I moved here to Selinsgrove 4 years ago in the summer and it has been there since I remember. I remember because I remember stating to my husband, it’s June! Why do they still have their wreath up?

    I think it’s tacky and the bow is faded and it does not help to the appeal of our small town. I think it is embarrassing for when SU families come to visit our downtown and see an old faded wreath still hanging out.

    I have not formly said to them, but have posted about it on Selinsgrove Social Media pages, but have never anything back.


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