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OSN Short Story: Disappearing

May 6, 2016

by Hilde Kate Lysiak

A 9 year old girl named Alice sat in a pink chair behind a big television.
Alice gazed at the TV, flipping through the channels. She couldn’t find anything interesting to watch.
“I hate this TV!” said Alice.
So she went to the bathroom. When she came back, the TV wasn’t there.
Alice’s mom had left her home alone for a few minutes while she ran to the grocery store. Alice was so freaked out when the TV disappeared, that she called her mom and told her everything. Her Mom sent her older sister who was playing at the neighbor’s house to come and check on Alice.
“What do you want now?” asked her sister, Lila, angrily. “I was playing with Anna. You seem totally fine. You’re just being dramatic.”
Lila started to leave.
“What? Wait, don’t leave!” Alice called out.
Lila ignored Alice and began walking towards the door.
“I hate you, Lila!” Alice yelled.
Just then, Lila disappeared into thin air.
Alice started freaking out. But before she could do anything, her Mom came in the door.
“Hey Alice, is everything resolved now?” asked her mom.
“No! don’t you see, there’s no TV! And Lila was just standing right where you are and she totally disappeared!” said Alice, frantically.
“You’re just making a fuss. Lila is over at Anna’s house.” said her mom. “And what on earth did you do with the TV?”
“I didn’t do anything! I hate you, you never believe me!” yelled Alice.
As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Alice’s mom disappeared.
Alice sat in the middle of the living room floor. She felt so horrible. She knew she didn’t really mean the nasty things she said. Sometimes she just got so angry. But now look what she had done!
“I hate myself!” yelled Alice.
Four hours later, Alice’s Dad came home from work to find the house empty.
“Where is everyone?” he called out. “And what the heck happened to the TV?”

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