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Gun Thieves Still on Loose! SEE THE VIDEO!

May 17, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A pair of crooks who made off with an expensive weapon from a popular Selinsgrove gun store Friday afternoon are still on the loose.

A Smith and Wesson MP 15 TS AR-15 valued at $1,300 was stolen from High Velocity Firearms at 8 N Market Street on Friday, May 13th at 4:20pm, according to the store’s owner.

“It is a shame that our town has become what it is,” owner John G Margel told the Orange Street News.

The weapon can be used for “Competitive, Recreational, Professional / Duty, Home Protection, or Hunting,” according to the gun makers website.

But Margel believes the crooks had other plans.

“They probably stole it to sell and buy drugs,” he told the OSN.
Police were unavailable for comment.

Margel told the Orange Street News that he believes police may be closing in on the suspects.

“At this time a person of interest has been found and waiting on further conformation,” owner John G Margel exclusively told the Orange Street News.

Margel says he has been in touch with Selinsgrove Police.
If anyone has information please contact John Margel at 570-486-6601 or the Selinsgrove Police Dept 570-374-8655

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