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June 10, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


It was a bright room with lavender curtains. On a bed with blue covers, sat 13 year old, Alice, scrolling down her lap-top.
Her mother called her for dinner.
When she went downstairs, she said, “you know, mom, why can’t anybody draw a truly straight line?”
“That’s interesting, Alice. Probably because it is too hard to get it exact.”
“I have an idea,” said Alice as she ran from the table.
Alice got a piece of paper and put another on top of it.
Then she drew a line.
Two minutes later, she got a text from an unknown number. It was a picture of the weirdly straight line Alice had just drawn.
Alice felt scared and then everything blacked out. Before she knew it, she was in the hospital. The doctors said she had a stroke.
Her mother was terrified and convinced it was something paranormal. She went to a psychic and told her everything.
“Well, tell me what she did that day,” said the psychic.
“Well, she ate breakfast, went out to play, came back a little before dinner, drew a straight line—“
“——wait!” interrupted the psychic. “A straight line?”
“I just want to know what did this to her. She was perfectly healthy.” said her mother.
“I….well…I have to go…She did this to herself.” said the psychic, running out of the room.
Alice’s mom returned to the hospital, confused.
When she walked into the room where Alice was staying, she dropped her purse. All she could see was the heart monitor with a perfectly straight line running down the middle.

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