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Car Break-ins Down in Grove!


By Hilde Kate LysiakIMG_20160802_090859500

This summer, car break-ins are down in Selinsgrove

In the month of July, there have only been 3 car break-ins, according to officer Garlock, but last year there was double that amount over the same period of time, according to police.

“Generally we have a lot more [car break-ins],” Selinsgrove Chief of Police Tom Garlock told the Orange Street News.

A license plate and documents were some of the things stolen by the crooks, according to Garlock.

Earlier this year Selinsgrove hired a fifth police officer. Garlock believes that more police patrolling is why break-ins are down.

“We will be patrolling two officers at night,” added Garlock.

But for those who are the victims of the break-ins, it is still very serious.

Last month Pam Ross car broken into. Documents were stolen and the doors were left open.

“They did’t even try to hide it,” her daughter, Tori Ross told the Orange Street News.


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