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Lice Infestation in Selinsgrove!



By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Lice has been bugging Selinsgrove!

There has definitely been an increase in lice, according to Hillary Reeser, owner of Lice Clinics Harrisburg.

Treatments for the small head parasite have been hard to keep in stock locally, according to a worker cosmetic store Ulta.

“They have been flying off the shelf,” the worker told the OSN.

Several families in Selinsgrove have been hit with the pest, which clings to people’s scalps for food.

“It’s awful!” one victim told the OSN. “I think I got it from my sister.”

To prevent lice, girls can wear tight buns and braids. Anyone can use sprays with tea tree oil to help, according to Reeser.

“No matter what climate, lice will be here,” Reeser said, adding that it is normal for there to be an increase at the beginning of the school year.

The Selinsgrove High School nurse and the Elementary School nurse were both unavailable for comment.


One comment on “Lice Infestation in Selinsgrove!

  1. Algot
    September 14, 2016

    In Sweden the schools send out papers about getting all children deloused at the start of every term, twice a year.
    If everybody would follow that, including adults, lice infections would be no problem anymore.


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