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ASK IZZY: Will Parents Read Your Messages?


This week America’s youngest paid advice columnist recieves a question from a kid who isn’t sure whether to believe her parents when they tell her they don’t read her text messages.

One comment on “ASK IZZY: Will Parents Read Your Messages?

  1. Gauthier
    November 19, 2016

    Do what you want but be reasonnable. Not really a bad tip.
    You seems well informed about vegetarism and the meat industry. I’m an omni but I respect your views, try to tell your mom to at least slow down on the meat so she can see that you’ll don’t fade away.

    I’m french and just discovert your wonderfull news, keep up the good work !
    Just be sure to not give too much details of the lives of the victimes, as a respect for their lives and families. I’m sure you already know that but sometimes even the bests need a little reminder. ^.^

    (Sorry if I did some mistakes. France isn’t really good to teach other languages, had to do it myself.)


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