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EXCLUSIVE: Selinsgrove Music Video DEBUT!


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Selinsgrove now has its very own music video!

The music video for “Christmas in Selinsgrove,” the third song released by local recording artist Isabel Rose Lysiak, follows a lost Santa hat as it blows up and down Old Town Selinsgrove. The four minute video, shown exclusively for the first time here by the Orange Street News, guest-stars several popular Selinsgrove business owners.

‘’I wanted to make a music video to show people how awesome and unique Selinsgrove is,’’Izzy told the Orange Street News. “I think this video does that!”

Several local business participated in the video, including The Pink Pin Up, The Cottage on Pine, Emma’s Food For Life, First Class Male, Flip Hair Salon, and Uniquely Sakura.

Helen Walter, President of the Selinsgrove Chamber of Commerce, helped make the video possible by getting business owners to join in and helping with production. Her husband, Bob, also makes a special appearance.

The video highlights some of the unique shops in Selinsgrove.

But “Christmas in Selinsgrove” isn’t the first time the 13-year old Selinsgrove girl has made a splash. For the past three years Izzy has been known as America’s Youngest Advice Columnist for her work with the Sunbury Daily Item where she has received national attention for her work.

Izzy also has acting credits in Heidi’s Monkeys and in the upcoming Miracle on 34th Street at the Courtyard Theater.

Earlier this year Isabel was awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival as a Disruptive Innovator for her multimedia work.

It is Izzy’s second music video. She also has a video called “Again.”

‘’I just love creating and sharing it with people,’’ said Izzy.‘

’I grew up in Brooklyn and I love Brooklyn and but there is something super special about Christmas in Selinsgrove and I want everybody to know it. If they don’t, they should come here and check it out!”


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