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Transgender Bathroom Discussion Tonight



By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The Selinsgrove School Board is holding a public engagement session to discuss the issue of transgender people using bathrooms tonight at 7pm at the Selinsgrove Middle School Auditorium.

More than sixty people showed up at the Selinsgrove Middle School on Nov 14th to voice their opinions, with nearly all of the speakers upset about a letter they received that said transgender people would be able to go into the boys or girls bathrooms. The board said that it has three transgender students in the district.

“My daughter said she never wants to use the school bathroom again,” one woman told the school board.

“You are taking away that safe zone,” another added.

But Roger W Sheesley, who agreed to represent the board, pleaded with the angry parents that the board was just trying to follow the rules set up by the Federal Government.

“The board did not make this policy or vote on it. Title 9 is what changed, not our position,” Sheesley told the board. “You can be upset about that but that is where this came from. This is what our administration was acting on. As a result of not following Title 9 we could lose funding.”

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