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Grove Student with Rare Condition STILL Needs Help!



By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A Selinsgrove resident who has been struck with a rare un-named medical condition still needs help from the community.
Over year ago 18-year old Chase Salter, a senior at the Selinsgrove High School, was diagnosed with a rare disorder. Now he is asking for help to get an expensive test that could finally solve the mystery that has kept him in the hospital.
“I have the chance to have a very involved genetics test performed that could give me and my family some knowledge about what is medically wrong and how to work on moving forward from here with success! It is called Whole Exome and it studies every one of my 20,000 cells to find the cause of my issues,” said Chase.
Chase’s mother, Trish Salter, is trying to raise money for the test he needs, which cost $20,000 but the people doing the exam shortened it down to 5,000. So far Chase has gotten 1,440 dollars of the 5,000 goal.

Salter told the Orange Street News she is confident through a series of benefits and the GoFundMe Page that Chase will receive the money he needs.

“His benefit at Rt 61 Roadhouse is being promoted every Tuesday night on “The Crafts” live podcasts at 7pm. Next Tuesday one of the bands playing Chase’s benefit, Indigo & Heath, will be live on the podcast as well. We have strong hopes that after his benefit & gofundme & donations thru the Selinsgrove Moose we WILL have the funds needed for this extremely important test,” Salter told the OSN.

Any one looking to help Chase can visit his GoFundMe Page HERE


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