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This week America’s youngest paid advice columnist recieves a question from a kid who recently learned that her good friend has cancer. Learn more about Izzy at


  1. Non Sheeple
    March 9, 2017

    You tell them to avoid doctors and hospitals because their “treatments” are toxic and almost always result in death! Then you tell them to go to Colorado and cure their cancer with marijuana. The evil government knew in 1974 that marijuana cured cancer and that makes them all guilty of treason and genocide!


    April 10, 2017

    My Wife Stage IV breast cancer and MS has just been cured with the cannabis oil gotten from Dr, Julia, cannabis oil is great medication. To hell with the government and their insane policy, we have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure cancer and you don’t need to spend so much money anymore on chemo, radiation or surgeries that wouldn’t work. Where to purchase, contact Dr, Julia A. Smith at:


  3. Morgan
    April 26, 2017

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  4. Lynda Miller
    May 3, 2017

    I was a hepatitis B carrier, and I found it out 2 years ago when I need some medical test for applying for a job. It scares me a lot, and I have been so hopeless since I heard it, I feel like I’m an outcast and different from others. I cry all night, I can’t think properly, I’m so down. Even my doctor advised that I cannot transmit the virus using same utensils, saliva, etc., except if I have sexual intercourse. I’m still sick, no one in my family has this disease. And I don’t know where I got it. I have taken blood tests many times and my liver is okay, and I never feel pain in my body, but I can’t sleep well every night since I have known my situation.I was desperate for help to help me feel better. i was introduced to Health herbal clinic in Johannesburg who have successful herbal treatment to hepatitis B . I spoke to few people who used the treatment here in USA and they all gave a positive response, so i immediately purchased the hepatitis B herbal formula and commenced usage, i used the herbal supplement for only 7 weeks, all symptoms gradually faded away, herbs are truly gift from God. contact this herbal clinic via their email healthherbalclinic @ gmail. com


  5. Adams johnson
    July 23, 2017

    I was diagnosed B-cell lymphomas which are types of lymphoma affecting B cells. Lymphomas are blood cancers” in the lymph nodes. They develop more frequently in older adults and in compromised individuals.I remember being on my knees praying, “God, I will fight as hard as I can if you just let me get through this chemo stuff.” When I went in, Dr. Noy said, “I have something that’s going to help. I’m going to give you Procrit after you get your chemo.” Once I got the Procrit, I never felt again like I had after that first chemo treatment. I got tired and I didn’t feel 100 percent, but I was really okay. My cancer became very real to me once I lost my hair. But by then the mystery, the uncertainty, was sort of gone. Not gone, but it just wasn’t at the forefront. There were things that I started looking forward to doing, like going out and not just staying in the house. By then, the weather had started getting really nice, and I decided I needed to get out. I would go for a long walk or take the subway into the city and look in the store windows. It’s funny, people I didn’t know would chat with me on the bus, on the train. We would talk about anything. That made me feel a lot better. It come a day when i was told by a lady to try and do some research on the internet for help maybe there will be a cure to my Cancer.I google for treatment for cancer and i saw some testimony about the herbalist called Dr Adams johnson and the great work of his Herbal Herbs. With the hope i have in God i believe this to be the end of my problem for i have pray for a solution from God. I contact Dr Adams johnson with the giving email and also click on his website to see his work. I finally believed in him and told him about my problem. He prepare His Herbal medicine and which I was advice to take for three weeks, There are lot to say about Dr Adams johnson, I Thanks God that this man was used to end my sorrow All my pains and sorrows turn to joy and history from the day i came in contact with Dr Adams johnson, Who really help with his herbal herbs, I WAS TOLD HE IS A HERBALIST AND HE CAN BE OF HELP, I gave him a try and it really work out for me, today here I’m cured of B-cell lymphomas. Contact him via: ( )


  6. Allen maria
    August 4, 2017

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    these low life’s and impostors find delight in
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    2 years now my mother has been suffering from cancer and was diagnosed
    with the following ailments Cancer Chronic Pain,Major Depression .After
    undergoing chemotherapy she was recovering,but after a few months, she
    was diagnosed with lung cancer.This got the whole Family worried .As God
    would do his things ,one blessed evening while watching TV i followed a
    program talking about Cannabis and Cannabinoids CBD OIL and how is
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    tell you that today she can now lead a better quality of life free of
    pain and i am so grateful.This is why i have taken out this time to
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    finding so much difficulties in getting their medications and are
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    God bless you..


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