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A shed fire caused smoke damage to the Burns Tae Kwon Do building at 315 N Water Street in Selinsgrove shortly at 6:45 pm.

Fire officials quickly put the fire out with in minutes. There were no injuries.

The fire started at the shed, which is located behind the Burns Tae Kwon Do building, according to fire officials. Fire officials were able to put out the flames before the fire spread to the Burns Tae Kwon Do building.

Kevin Morgan, the owner of the Tae Kwon Do school, was inside the building at the time, but was not injured.

The building did have smoke damage, but it is unknown how much, according to fire fighters.

Firefighters told the OSN they are still investigating the cause of the fire.


  1. Anonymous
    April 29, 2017

    Selinsgrove was unable to get apparatus to the scene due to no manpower. Kraemer Fire handled the call.

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    • Anonymous
      April 30, 2017

      I wouldn’t say Kreamer handled the call…It was a collaboration of numerous other area Fire Depts. Hummels Wharf, Shamokin Dam, Kratzerville, Middleburg, Sunbury, Northumberland as well as Kreamer.

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      • Anonymous
        April 30, 2017

        Agreed. whomever wrote that wasn’t from Kreamer anyhow. It was a great team effort.


  2. Anonymous
    April 29, 2017

    Did you happen to notice that DH and L only had 1 tanker at call? Nothing else got out. That’s a concern! Thanks goodness for Hummels Wharf and others

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  3. Anonymous
    April 29, 2017

    Good job to Hummels wharf, Shamokin Dam and Kreamer thank you for protecting the community. Very sad Selinsgrove can’t get out on there own calls to help protect there first due.

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