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May 1, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A man from Selinsgrove was charged with careless driving after plowing over a stop sign and knocking down several tombstones, according to police.

On 4/14/17 police were called when the care taker of Salem Lutheran church, located at 899 Salem Rd., noticed a stop sign and some of the headstones destroyed.

Police arrived and found tire tracks that “led up an embankment and into the Cemetery where they continued in the Cemetery striking headstones and a stop sign at the corner of Gaugler ln and Salem Rd,” according to the criminal complaint.

Police also found a green passenger side mirror that belonged to a 2001 Ford150.

The next day police received an anonymous tip that there was a damaged truck located a mile from the scene. Police went to the home and found the truck.

“I observed the truck to be riding on its rim on the rear drivers side tire, to have a missing passenger side mirror with scratches on that side, and to have white dust like a substance concurrent with the make of the headstone on its front tow hooks and underside,” according to the criminal complaint.

The truck belonged to Jace Herman, who said he fell asleep at the wheel and didn’t remember hitting the tombstones, according to the criminal complaint.

“He [Herman] stated that on the evening 4/13/17 he was driving home from Wellsboro PA and had fallen asleep while driving thus missing Salem rd. He stated he took old 522 to Gaugler ln where he must have fallen asleep again. Jace Herman stated that he knew he hit the stop sign but did not remember the embankment or the tombstones. He also stated he intended to come back and make it right but he works 6 days  a week at Wellsboro for 10 plus hours and drives both ways,” according to the criminal complaint.

Herman was charged with careless driving. He was also going over the speed limit.

A preliminary hearing will be held july 12 at US 522 1025 Selinsgrove PA.



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  2. Querent2000
    March 2, 2019

    Wow. Not only is there a crime wave going on in Seligsgrove, not even dead people are safe.


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