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Grove Roommates Allegedly Swipe Jewelry

May 3, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Two roommates from Selinsgrove were charged with retail theft after stealing and damaging over $100 worth of clothes and jewelry from Kohls Department Store, according to police.

Police were called to the store at 405 Marketplace Blvd when on Friday, April 21st. The store worker was watching the camera when they saw Selinsgrove roommates John Foster and Kristen Britton allegedly steal and damage the jewelry.

“Yarger [THE SUPERVISOR] advised she observed the W/M remove T-shirts and shoes the t-shirts were observed concealed on the W/M in the cargo pockets of his shorts. the W/M was also observed wearing the shoes he selected from the shelf. The used shoes were observed and recovered from a shoe box that was placed back on the shelf,” read the criminal complaint.

Foster was accused of stealing and damaging 162.96 worth of products.. Britton was accused of stealing and damaging 64.96.

A hearing will be held on 6/6/17 at 1025 us Rt. 522 in Selinsgrove.

3 comments on “Grove Roommates Allegedly Swipe Jewelry

  1. Resident
    May 3, 2017

    Hey yous kids. Now you will have a record. All your family, friends and neighbors seen your name in this paper all for some cheap thrill. I wonder if you are sorry. I wonder if you feel stupid.


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  3. Anonymous
    June 16, 2017

    they aren’t kids. They are adults with a child. Not only offense. Also drugs. Child should be taken from them.


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