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Local Man Charged with Allegedly Stealing Two Candy Bars


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selinsgrove man was charged with theft after allegedly stealing two candy bars from a local gas station.

Police were called to Sunoco at 960 rt 522 in Penn Township after two candy bars went missing totaling $4.00 at 7:52 pm on January 31st.

“Lasha (the store manager) related that while reviewing the surveillance video he observed a white male actor wearing a jacket and a Philly’s ball cap enter the store and take possession of two candy bars valued at 4.00. The actor is then observed concealing the candy bars in his jacket. The actor does not make an attempt to pay for the candy bars and is observed leaving the store with the candy bars concealed. At the time of the theft, the actor was with another male who was not involved in the theft,” read the criminal complaint.

Scott Spangler of Selinsgrove was identified as the sweet toothed swindler one week later after the man who was with him identified him to management and a picture matched the surveillance footage, according to the complaint.

Spangler was charged with theft.

A hearing will be held on 5/15/2017 at 1025 rt 522 in Selinsgrove. It is unknown which brand of candy bars were allegedly swiped.


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