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Grove Man Charged with Possession of “Sponge Bob” Heroin After Allegedly Overdosing


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selinsgrove man who had to be “resuscitated” after allegedly overdosing on “SpongeBob” and “Don King” heroin was charged with possessing the drug.

Police were called to Fiber Dam Park on May 5th at 12:26am after Chase Harpster was allegedly found “unresponsive” from taking heroin, according to police. Police then looked inside of his car and claim they found 1 syringe, 3 color baggies “stamped DON KING” along with one bag stamped “SpongeBob.” Both bags contained a powder they believed to be heroin, according to police.

A friend had called 911 after finding Harpster “unresponsive” behind the wheel of his car after his mother found a frightening letter, according to police.

“(friend) related the following: he was made aware of his overdose via, Harpster’s mother (*****), who found a note left at the house, indicating he wanted to end his life. After some looking (friend) found Harpster in the fiber of Dam Park under the overpass unresponsive in the drivers seat of his vehicle,” read the criminal complaint.

The OSN is withholding the name of the friend who came forward to report the incident.

Harpster was charged with possessing drugs and will face a hearing on June 1st at 9am.

Hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, and illegal prescription pills have become increasingly common in Selinsgrove.

As part of an ongoing investigation, the Orange Street News spoke to multiple students who are currently going to Selinsgrove High School. They see a drug problem spiraling out of control with no one doing anything to stop it.

The OSN agreed to withhold the names of the students who shared their stories and concerns about what they see happening with their classmates. They hope their information makes a difference.

“No one has any idea how bad it really is. It used to just be pot. Now everyone is using harder drugs. And it isn’t just the freaks. Its the kids no one would expect,” a student told the OSN.

Selinsgrove Superintendent Chad Cohrs told the Orange Street News that parents can help out by checking their kids cell phones and reporting illegal activities directly to the police.

The current condition of Harpster. When contacted to give his side of the story Harpster refused.

A hearing will be held on June 1 at 9:30.



4 comments on “Grove Man Charged with Possession of “Sponge Bob” Heroin After Allegedly Overdosing

  1. Stuart
    May 15, 2017

    And our “criminal” “justice” system will treat him like a criminal. The truth is he is ill. To want too take your own life, things are not going well. Charging him with “crimes” is sure too fix that. :/


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  3. John L
    May 21, 2017

    Hilde is killing it! This interview is fantastic. Smart questions, lots of angles, no apparent bias. The sister production team wins a Peabody in my book.


  4. Querent2000
    March 2, 2019

    “A drug is a drug.” Yes. And a plant is a plant. Not a drug.


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