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Local Couple Allegedly Uses Baby Stroller to Steal from Grove Biz


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

Two locals were charged with theft after allegedly using a baby stroller to attempt to steal $155.48 worth of merchandise at a Selinsgrove business, according to police.

On 5/2/17 police were called to Kohl’s Department store after employee says she noticed empty shoe boxes and empty clothing hangers. She checked the video footage and that’s when she claims she saw Michael Fishburn taking athletic “shirts and shorts” and then “bending down and placing them into the baby stroller,” according to the criminal complaint.

Shannon Tucker, who was allegedly with Fishburn, was in on the alleged heist, according to police.

“(The co-defendants) removed two boxes of shoes/sandals from the shopping cart and placed them back on the shelf. The third pair of sandals subsequently made their way to the baby stroller. The defendants than utilized the stroller containing all the stolen property and left the store without paying for the merchandise.”

Both Fishburn and Tucker are charged with retail theft.

A hearing will be held on 6/12 at 1025 US 522 in Selinsgrove

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