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Boscov’s Employee Allegedly Rings Up False Charges

June 16, 2017

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Boscov’s employee was charged with retail theft after it was discovered that she was allegedly ringing up false charges on her register, according to police.

On June 2, employees at the Boscov’s in the Susquehanna Valley Mall allegedly noticed questionable activity with one of there employee’s, Caryn Louise Karl. After Boscov’s investigated more, they found out that Karl was making false charges to purchase gift cards, and then selling them at a pawn shop.

“…Karl rang a purchase through her register in the amount of $276. RDC advised that four minutes later, the items were returned through the same register and the amount was placed onto a gift card that Karl then took out of the store. RDC advised that the balance of the gift card was then checked by Karl on 06/02/17 at 1737 hours. (5:37pm.) It was then checked again by another unknown number at 1754 hours. (5:54pm.) RDC advised that the unknown number belonged to a pawn shop who advised that Karl sold him the gift card in exchange for $100,” read the criminal complaint.

“…she rang through her register a purchase of $276 to even out her register Karl advised she then returned the products for a girt car to witch she then sold at a pawn shop for $100. Karl advised she then used two different costumer charge cards, to purchase gift cards for her self, in which she then used to purchase goods.”

Karl was charged with retail theft, receiving stolen property, and more.

A hearing will be held on 6/21 at 1025 US rt 522 in Selinsgrove.


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