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By Hilde Kate Lysiak

The alleged victim of Selinsgrove business owner Nate Fisher is speaking out– and says Tess Fisher’s statements to the OSN that her husband had permission to open up lines of credit are false.

Louis Land decided to tell his story after reading the exclusive OSN interview with Tess Fisher, Nathan’s wife and co-owner of Vivace Music, who said that Land was given the right information and had given permission to Fisher to open the lines of credit.

“He did give permission,” Tess Fisher told the OSN.

But Land says he was told the account was being set up so that Nate could get him a credit card that would pay for work-related expenses.

“They did not have the right to make those charges,” Land told the Orange Street News in an exclusive interview.

“I was the manager and Nate said we were going to get a business card to cover expenses when I went to Northumberland,” added Land.

Nathan Fisher was charged on September 8th after Land alleged that Fisher opened three lines of credit totalling nearly $40,000 in charges. Land was asked to hand over his personal information to Fisher so that he could be on the company credit card, but had no idea cards would be opened in his name, according to Land.


The criminal complaint read: (FULL COMPLAINT PICTURED BELOW)

“Land’s employer Nathan Tyler Fisher, who owns the music store, issued multiple credit cards for the business to pay for work related expenses. On 1/18/2017, Land received a letter from Chase Bank notifying Land that a credit card was issued in his name.”

“Land reported he did not authorize these credit cards.”

“Land provided text messages exchanged between Fisher and Land that read as follows: FISHER-I would have to put your social down to add you as a user on a business credit card I just want to double check with you before I would do that. With it being a business account it doesn’t get reflected on your personal credit, it’s just to verify your identity and what not. LAND — Sure, that’s fine.”

Fisher is charged with Identity Theft, Fraud, and other charges.

Despite the evidence, Fisher told the OSN that not only will her husband will be shown to be innocent, but the store will remain open for business.

She also added that not only was the amount wrong and that it is really closer to $30,000, but that they fully intend on paying the money back, adding “the only reason that credit cards aren’t paid off already is because the credit card companies won’t let us.”

“It might take some time and go to trial. I believe that the truth will out,” Tess told the OSN. “We have no plans to close,”

Land says the truth is already out, and that he feels betrayed by Nate Fisher, who he thought was his friend.

“I considered Nate my friend so there was a sense of a betrayal,” Land told the OSN.

“He did tell me that he would pay me back but not until later,” added Land.



  1. Desertphile
    September 27, 2017

    If true, then fraud also applies as well as identity theft and theft.

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