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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Woman Allegedly Steals $20,000 from Local Biz

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

November 16, 2017

The Orange Street News has learned that the amount a Port Trevorton woman had allegedly stolen from a local business is over $20,000.

Yesterday the OSN exclusively reported that Kelly Ann Straub, a former employee at SRS Electric, allegedly stole over $10,000 from her employer.  The OSN has since learned that an additional $10,000 was stolen for personal items by using a Sheetz business credit card, fake payroll checks, and by looting the petty cash from November 2012 thru March 2017, according to police.

Straub was discovered when employees checked the accounts, according to police.

“On a separate Swineford national bank VISA card account # ending 0634 there was an additional $1852.67 in unauthorized transactions for personal items made by Straub (11 transactions). These transactions can be directly linked to Straub by the owner of SRS Electric. There were 17 unauthorized checks issued to Straub totaling $1638.95. Straub had access to the pay roll and endorsed the checks with the owners name stamp which she also had access to. Straub also took money from the petty cash on hand 22 times. After removing cash it was annotated on the business computer record for petty cash; the amount taken was documented and the reason. Straub was the only one with access to the computer program. The owner of SRS electric stated that the reasons annotated for the removle of petty cash would not be things which they would pay cash for. Total amount taken $1196.66. Total amount defrauded from SRS electric by Kelly Straub is $21,782.60,” read the criminal complaint.

Straub was charged with theft, forgery and more.

An employee at SRS refused to comment, saying that there is a lawsuit.

The Orange Street News tried to reach Straub to get her side of the story, but her number had been disconnected.

A hearing will be held on 11/21 at 11:00 on 1025 us rt 522 in Selinsgrove.

3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Woman Allegedly Steals $20,000 from Local Biz

  1. Mike Shrawder
    December 8, 2017

    Very good reporting, keep it going.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mike Shrawder
    December 8, 2017

    Very good reporting, keep it going.


  3. 23solo
    April 18, 2019

    Update on this report.


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