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Grove Man Who Can’t Find Car Charged with Making False Statements to Police

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
January 5, 2018

A Selinsgrove man was charged with giving police false information after allegedly reporting that his car was stolen after apparently forgetting where he had parked it on 11/12/17, according to police.

Jayden Michael Geiswite allegedly called, a Selinsgrove women, saying that he had no money and asking for her to pick him up from the boat dock at the Isle Of Que, and take him to McDonalds. He told police that when he returned a half hour later that his car had been stolen, according to police.

“He related that at that time that his girlfriend, who he would not initially name, had picked him up from the boat launch and they went to McDonalds for some food. They came back approx. 30-40 minutes later and his vehicle was gone. He was asked several times if it was maybe somewhere else or possibly someone was messing with him and he advised ‘no.’ … She (, who Geiswite said was his girlfriend) related that she was not his girlfriend and hardly knows Geiswite. He called her out of the blue and asked her to take him to McDonalds, he didn’t have any money and he was hungry,” read the criminal complaint.

But the woman told police that she never picked Geiswite up at the boat docks and actually picked him up on N. Union Alley. The police looked at N. Union Alley and found Geiswite’s car.

Geiswite was charged with making a false statement to police

A hearing will be held on 1/11 at 9:15, at 1025 us rt in Selinsgrove Pa.



2 comments on “Grove Man Who Can’t Find Car Charged with Making False Statements to Police

  1. Sandra Resist Greggor
    March 12, 2018

    LOL! Unbelievable, but yeah, the world is filled with dimwits.


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