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Local Man Allegedly Busted with “38 Packets” of Heroin at Buffalo Wild Wings

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By Hilde Kate Lysiak
January 8, 2017

A Shamokin Dam man was charged with posession after allegedly being found with a bag full of drugs including heroin while hanging out at the Snyder County restaurant where he works on 9/22/17, according to police.

Alexis Joel Hernadez-Roman, an employee of Buffalo Wild Wings in Monroe Township was found with “4 clear plastic baggies of marijuana” and “38 white packets of suspected heroin” while sitting in a parked car talking to another Wild Wing employee when his probation officer saw the suspicious behavior, according to police.

“Probation notified us that the suspect, who works at Buffalo Wild Wings was sitting in his car talking to another employee when they approached him. The suspect, who was on probation, was found to be in position of suspected marijuana and suspected heroin,” read the criminal complaint

After being read his rights, Hernadez=Roman admitted that the drugs were his, but refused to say where he got them, according to police.

“I asked Hernadez-Roman if the drugs found on his person were his, he replied saying that all the drugs on him were his. I then asked him if he would tell me who he bought the drugs from; Hernandez-Roman would not provide his source,” read the criminal complaint.

Hernadez-Roman was charged with possession, and more.

A hearing will be held on 1/10 at 10:45, at us rt 522, in Selinsgrove.

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