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EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Knife Thief Slices Arm, Splatters Blood Inside Wal-Mart


By Hilde Kate Lysiak

July 22, 2018

A store aisle had to be shut down because it was drenched in blood yesterday evening after a women allegedly attempting to steal a knife sliced her arm open at a Shamokin Dam superstore , according to sources.

The bloody crime allegedly happened after 4pm in Wal Mart near the auto supply section when the women accidentally cut themselves on the large hunting knife, tracking blood all over the store and spurting blood all over the products.

After slicing her arm open the alleged thief then dropped a batch of stolen make-up supplies, according to the source who claimed their was a sickening amount of blood.

“There was so much blood that we had to close down the section and everyone had to wear masks to clean it employee almost threw up,” the employee, who asked to remain anonymous told the Orange Street News.

Both alleged thieves were caught trying to flee the store. But that did not make it any less gross for the employees.

“I had never seen anything like it in my life,” The employee told the OSN.

A representative from Wal Mart told the Orange Street News they “cannot confirm or deny” the incident.

2 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Alleged Knife Thief Slices Arm, Splatters Blood Inside Wal-Mart

  1. John S. R. Lawrence
    July 23, 2018

    GREAT to see the news agin! Sorry it was so gory but nice to read the Hilde reporter again. There is a freshness and wonderful style to your reporting that I find very enjoyable . You made my day.


  2. Roger Rogers
    October 31, 2018

    Blood is considered a bio hazzard


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