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Grove Man Charged After “Glass Smoking Device” Found in Trunk After Smashing Car into Pole

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
October 12, 2018
A Selinsgrove man was charged after police found a “glass smoking device” in his trunk after crashing his car into a pole near Park Road in Selinsgrove on 9/4/18, according to police.
Police found Austin Keith Reinard, 20, “with blood shot eyes” and “slow to respond to questions” after he smashed his car into the pole. Reinard told police he fell asleep behind the wheel, but police had other ideas after they opened up his trunk, according to the criminal complaint.
“Reinard related that he was traveling south bound on park road and fell asleep. Reinard further related that he was not been drinking and has not taken any illegal drug. Reinard related that he was not wearing his seatbelt while interviewing Reinard I observed that his eyes were bloodshot and he was slow to respond to questions,” read the criminal complaint.
When firefighters opened the trunk to disconnect the battery, they found “a smoking device,” according to the criminal complaint.
“Reinard related that the glass smoking device, in the trunk of the vehicle, is his and is used to smoke marijuana.”
Reinard consented to a chemical test. Police say it showed several illegal drugs present in his system.
Reinard was charged with Driving Under The Influence, and Controlled Substance.
A hearing will be held on 11/21, at 9:00, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove Pa.


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