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EXCLUSIVE Local Man Allegedly Sends Pics of Genitals to 14-Year-Old Girl through Facebook

2018-10-16 (2)
By Hilde Kate Lysiak
October 16, 2018
A Port Treverton man was charged after allegedly sending a Facebook message to a 14 year old girl with pictures of his genitals on 10/04/18.
Nicholas Richard Barnhart, 19, was busted sending the 14 year old girl nude pictures of himself, and asking her to send pictures after the alleged victim’s father checked her daughter’s Facebook Page, saw the messages, and contacted police, according to law enforcement.
“Snyder (victims dad) phoned station reporting a 19 y/o male was messaging, via Facebook, Snyder’s 14 y/o daughter asking to have sex, sending nude images and requesting images from the 14 y/o female.
The father handed over messages from Facebook Messenger, which allegedly showed “Barnhart initially started apologizing about a prior incident and then proceeded to request to have sexual intercourse with the 14y/o victim, sent an image of his genitals, sent a second nude image of himself laying down nude, requested the 14y/o sent images of her “T*** and a***’”,” read the criminal complaint.
Barnhart was charged with Unlawful Contact with Minor, Corruption of Minors and more.
A hearing will be held on 10/17 at 12:00, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove Pa.

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