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Grove Man Keeps Five Mile Running Streak Alive for 1,600 days!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

December 13, 2018

On Saturday morning a grove man took his first steps in a five mile run marking the 1,600th time in a row he has gone on this run.

Matthew Lysiak, 41, (FULL DISCLOSURE: LYSIAK IS FATHER OF OSN PUBLISHER HILDE LYSIAK) has been running five miles every day for over four years. On December 8th Lysiak reached 1,600 days of running. Lysiak claimed that he continues his streak because when he exercises it helps him with his work as an author.

“I am a writer and spend a lot of time sitting in front of my computer. If I’m not moving and exercising a lot my brain doesn’t work as well and my writing doesn’t come as easily. I also eat too many donuts and drink too much beer so I have to do something,” Lysiak told the Orange Street News.

Lysiak is the author of several books including a series of fiction horror books suited towards kids from 5th-8th grade, a book about a science prodigy, and a book about the shooting at Sandy Hook school. 

Lysiak claims he has worked through many challenges with keeping his streak alive for so long.

“The biggest challenge is time. Sometimes I’m on a deadline with my writing and I just want to work. Another challenge is ice. Bad ice is tricky to run on. Sometimes dogs chase me. That sucks. The cold doesn’t bother me and I haven’t been sick with anything more than a stuffy nose in about a decade. I’m convinced the day my streak ends is the say I get sick. Like what they say about sharks, when they stop moving they die. I feel a bit like a shark,” Lysiak told the OSN.

Lysiak’s current book is about internet pioneer Matt Drudge and how information technology has changed the way people consume the news. He plans to interview over one hundred people for this project.

“It will keep me running,” said Lysiak

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