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Local man Caught With Drugs By His Sister

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

January 2, 2019

A Selinsgrove man was charged after his sister allegedly called police when she found drugs in his dresser, while she was looking for a comb for her son, on 12/11, according to police.

Kyle Lee Mason, 35, was caught with several pills stashed in a dresser draw in his living room, by his sister.

“Upon opening one of the dresser drawers several prescription pill bottles, were found containing a large amount of pills. 1 bottle having a full prescription lable to an unknown female ” read the criminal complaint.

Mason was charged with possession of controlled substance, and more.

A hearing will be held on 1/23, at 2:45, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove Pa.

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