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Local Women Charged After Allegedlly Resisting Arrest When Drugs were Found In her Camper

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

January 2, 2019

After various drugs and drug paraphernalia were found inside a camper, a local woman allegedlly refused arrest until officers had to grab her on 12/19 according to police.

Dawn M Deeter, 46, was allegedly told by officers to get out of the camper where Marijuana and a gun was found. She allegedlly repeatedly claimed that they could not place her under arrest and claimed she would not get out.

“This officer then asked her to step out of the camper in front of officer. Deeter stated no you first. This officer explained that is not how this works and it is a safety issue that she needs to go in front of the officer. Deeter then stated no you can’t make me get out. This officer explained that I had a warrant for her arrest and that she is under arrest to step out. She stated no. This officer then grabbed her right wrist and put a cuff on it. She then attempted to pull away from the officer. This officer pulled her arm to get a cuff on the right wrist,” read the criminal complaint.

Deeter was charged with resisting arrest, and more.

A  hearing will be held on 1/30, at 11:00, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove  Pa.

2 comments on “Local Women Charged After Allegedlly Resisting Arrest When Drugs were Found In her Camper

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  2. Querent2000
    March 6, 2019

    What do you mean, “and more”? Were there other charges? What were they?


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