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Woman Allegedly Busted For Dealing to Informant

By Hilde Kate Lysiak


A Selinsgrove woman was charged after allegedly being set up to deal drugs by a confidential informant, according to police.

Roxanna Jean Griffith, allegedly attempted to sell Suboxone to the informant, who was working with the PA state police. According to the criminal complaint, the entire transaction was monitored and the bills were marked.

“On 10/12/18 I met with a state police confidential informant (CI) for the purpose of conducting a controlled purchase of Suboxone from a known individual identified as Roxanna Griffith known to the CI from previous contacts. The CI related to me when he/she buys drugs from this individual, he/she will call Griffith at the cellular telephone number [XXX} The CI related that he/she has purchased suboxones from this individual in the past,” read the criminal complaint.

Police then allegedly had CI pretend to buy the drugs on 11/13/18 to bust Griffith, as they watched her through surveillance.

“CI contacted Griffith by cellular telephone and arranged purchase of 15 suboxones from Griffith for the price of $200….CI made the transaction with Griffith receiving 15 Suboxone Tabs in exchange for $200.00.”

Griffith was charged with Possession, Criminal Use Of Communication Facility, and more.

A hearing will be held on 4/29, at 9:45, at 1025 us rt 522, in Selinsgrove Pa.

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