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Cookie Friendship Day

A Short Story

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
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Once there was a village.  But it was not like any other village.  There were gingerbread houses as homes.  There were gingerbread people.
The village had gumdrop rocks and lemonade water.  It even rained chocolate chips and the lemon fruit roll-up sun was always shining!
But it was not always so nice.
If you went up the Marshmallow Mountain, you’d see the cave of the Cookie Monster.  He was very mean because he was over-baked.  He was a burned cookie with short arms and legs and a burned m&m nose.  He wore red shoes, had sharp candy corn teeth and blobs of chocolate on his face.  He wanted to eat the Gingerbread people.
He could have just asked to be their friend but he thought they would say no.
But, don’t worry, the villagers built a fence to keep everyone safe.
Except the fence was not strong enough.

The Cookie Monster came down with a thump.  Everyone heard the thump.  Some hid behind the Marshmallow Stump.  Some hid behind the Candy Lump.
But there was one brave enough not to hide.  Her name was Georgia.  She had brown hair and was 8 years old.  She liked to play outside with her friends.  Even though she wasn’t the strongest, she was the bravest person in the village.

ster was looking away, Georgia climbed up his back.  The Cookie Monster noticed the girl but she was so quick that she pulled out one of his candy corn teeth.  The Cookie Monster growled with a thump.  He knocked Georgia off but did not notice that she was still holding on to his teeth!  As she fell to the ground, all of the Cookie Monster’s teeth came down with her!

Georgia was okay but her little gingerbread foot was sore.
Now that he didn’t have any teeth to eat the villagers, the Cookie Monster decided to take a chance and ask them to be friends.
The Gingerbread people were very nice.  They said, “of course we will be your friend!”
Now, each year, the villagers celebrate that day with the Cookie Monster as a holiday called, Cookie Friendship Day.

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