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Short Story: The Clouds (Murder or Missing?)

By Hilde Kmurder_haryanaate Lysiak

There was a boy siting in the grass next to a graveyard. He lived next door He liked to come to the graveyard to look at the clouds and think. He was thinking about many things but especially about how it had been a year since his mom had “mysteriously” disappeared. Everyone, especially his Dad, kept telling him that his mother had run away. But the boy was sure she was dead.
The boy was also thinking about all the times he used to lay in this grass with his mom while they would try to see animal shapes in the clouds. On this day, the boy could see owls, geese, horses and what looked like a chicken riding a roller coaster. But, all of a sudden, one shape seemed larger than the rest. It was a bat! Its wings started flapping and and it flew out of the sky right at the boy! The good news was it didn’t say anything. The bad news was it seemed like he was going to hurt the boy, flying around him like crazy.
The boy ran as fast as he could towards his house. The house was big and black. There were no windows. The boy always told his Dad to get windows installed but his Dad said no because he had “sensitive eyes.”
His Dad was very pale and skinny. He always wore a black cape with red on the inside. He wasn’t very nice.
Not even looking away from his phone, the Dad said, “Get out kid. That’s a bunch of nonsense!”
The boy felt so upset he just decided to go to bed and get some sleep.
While he was sleeping, he had a dream. In the dream, his mother came to his bed with a warning:
“While I was looking at the clouds”, she said, “your father came and murdered me.”
When he woke, the boy was startled and scared. He walked over to the graveyard again. This time, even though it was darker, the boy saw the bat cloud was still there. It was all too much to think about: bat clouds chasing him, his father killing his mother…That is what was on his mind when he saw the bat cloud turn into a person!
The person was wearing very dark clothes and a black cape with red on the inside.
The boy ran straight back to his house to hide under the covers. But, before he reached his bedroom, he saw something on the kitchen table. It was a note from his Dad:
“I am at the graveyard.”

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