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Summer Friends! Message from Hilde

IMG_20150726_121000160This weekend my friends are visiting from Hong Kong, China.  They are staying for two weeks.

I used to live in Brooklyn, NY and they did, too.  Their names are Charlotte and Arabelle.  My sister used to go to school with Charlotte and th
en I met her little sister, Arabelle, who is a year older than I am.  We became best friends!  Then, my family moved to Selinsgrove and, one year later, their family moved to Hong Kong.  Now we see each other once a year when they

come visit in the summer.

I am so happy they are here!  We have done fun things like swimming and going to Knoebels.  It is the best time ever!

Thank you for reading this issue of the Orange Street News!
Hilde Kate Lysiak

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