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The Hero Aunt – a Short Story by Hilde Kate Lysiak

IMG_20150916_152055551_HDRA girl named Chelsea and her family decided to move to a new home. While her parents were looking at houses, Chelsea went to stay with her Aunt Molly. Chelsea did not like her aunt. She had a southern accent and dressed as a cowgirl.
“Howdy, Chelsea,” she said. “We are going to ride horses and eat Chinese food.”
“I am allergic to horses and hate Chinese food,” Chelsea said as she flashed an annoyed glare in Aunt Molly’s direction. Chelsea wasn’t really allergic to horses and actually loved Chinese food. She just wanted to make things difficult for her Aunt.
“Good luck, you two,” Chelsea’s mom said as she walked out the door.”
“Well, maybe we should go shopping first…” said Aunt Molly. “Yeah, I think that’s what we’ll do.”
“What-ever,” Chelsea said, rolling her eyes. More than Chinese food, Chelsea loved shopping. She’d have to go along with this.
They arrived at the mall. Chelsea saw her classmates and was embarrassed by the cowgirl suit her Aunt was wearing.
“Howdy, are y’all Chelsea’s friends?”asked Aunt Molly.
“Yeah,” they said, trying to hide their laughter.
Chelsea flashed an awkward smile that clearly let everyone know how embarrassed she was. Everyone but Aunt Molly.
“Oh! That’s great! Do y’all want to hang out with Chelsea and me? We’re going horseback riding later,” said Aunt Molly.
“Uh, no thanks,” Chelsea’s friends said and walked away.
“I guess it’s just us,” Aunt Molly said with a smile.`
“So, do you want to get a pretzel or a hand sanitizer from Bath and Body?” asked Aunt Molly.
“We can go to Bath and Body, I guess” Chelsea answered with a sigh.
When they got there, Chelsea saw her friend, Lola, with blobs of the try-me lotion on her hands. But Aunt Molly saw something no one else did—the warning sticker on the back of the bottle that read, “WARNING! DO NOT PUT BLOBS ON YOUR HAND. IT COULD CAUSE CHICKEN POX OR SUDDEN DEATH.”
Aunt Molly quickly knocked the bottle out of Lola’s hand and began wiping the blobs off with her bandana scarf.
“This couldn’t get ANY worse,” Chelsea began to think just as she saw the warning label herself.
Aunt Molly was a hero!
They all celebrated by riding horses and eating Chinese food.

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