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Police Need to Catch Bandit

Dear Readers,
People think of Selinsgrove as a safe, quiet town. But is Selinsgrove really the safe quiet town that people think it is?
The vandal or vandals have been leaving so many clues but still the Selinsgrove police can’t seem to catch him or her.
Even the owner of the local music store got footage of the vandal (see page 2).IMG_20151105_160002718
I keep trying to get a comment from the police but they are almost as elusive as the bandit!
I have been to the police station four different times and I ring the bell but they don’t answer.
All this publisher wants for Christmas is to see the plant vandal behind bars.
Thank you for reading this issue of the Orange Street News and Merry Christmas!

Hilde Kate Lysiak
Orange Street News

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