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Stolen Wagon Returned to Owner! Police Still Have No Clues Aboutr Orange Street Bandit!12316285_10153745230647432_2535151911213766708_n

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A dose of Holiday cheer thwarted the Orange Street Vandal after a wagon was stolen off a porch on the 300 block of Orange Street on Dec 1st.
Selinsgrove resident Tana Lennartz was really upset that she lost the wagon because it was from a relative.
“My grandfather who is deceased pulled his daughters, his four grandchildren and three of his great grandchildren around in this wagon,” Lennartz said. “This was all I had left of him.”
The Orange Street News heard of the tragedy and posted a fifty dollar cash reward for the wagon’s safe return.
Diane Mann, who read the post and then saw the wagon left at empty lot brought it to the Orange Street News so it could be returned to its owner. First Mann tried to refuse the reward money, but then agreed to accept it and give it to charity,
“I’m just happy to see the wagon returned to its owner,” she said.

Lennartz almost cried when she got the call.

“I am so happy that my grandfathers wagon is back where it belongs,” Lennartz told the OSN.
“Now if only we can find the vandal so that no one has else has to go through this.”

One comment on “BANDIT THWARTED!!

  1. Laurie Baeder
    December 29, 2015

    I am so happy to read that the wagon was returned to it’s rightful owner. What a happy Christmas present for the owner!

    Liked by 1 person

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