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Switzerland Documentary in Grove

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A camera crew from Switzerland arrived in Selinsgrove on Sunday to interview a local author for a documentary show on violence in video games.

“Our show is about violent video games and we came to Selinsgrove to interview the author of a book who discusses it in the case of Newtown and Adam Lanza,” said Christopher Ungar, the show’s producer.

The show is the Switzerland version of 60 minutes and can be seen online sometime in May, according to Ungar.

The four person crew says they enjoyed Selinsgrove. They stayed at the Days Inn and ate at BJ’s restaurant before spending a few hours taping interviews with the Selinsgrove author, Matthew Lysiak.

“Selinsgrove is great,” Ungar told the Orange Street News. “Especially BJ’s restaurant and the clams.”

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