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Help Selinsgrove Hire New Police Officer!

Hi, I’m Hilde Kate Lysiak, the publisher of the Orange Street News.
Vandalism is on the rise in Selinsgrove.
Vandals have been throwing eggs, stealing signs, ripping up plants and menacing people and businesses all over our community. My investigations revealed there are even drugs being used in our park.
Something needs to be done.
That is why I propose hiring a new police officer.
Currently, Selinsgrove only has four police officers.
In a town of 5,000, that just isn’t enough.
That’s why I’m starting a GoFundMe page to raise the $40,000 it will take to hire a new police officer.
I NEED YOUR SUPPORT so we can stop this vandalism before it gets out of control.
Lets keep Selinsgrove the amazing community we all love!!
Thank you!

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