Orange Street News



by Hilde Kate Lysiak
Alice Toclaw, a 23 year old girl, sat on a light blue carpet in a tiny room with many windows. Over the glass hung silky blue curtains. On the floor next to her were many cardboard boxes. She was getting ready to move out of the house she shared with her parents and younger sister, Lila.
The door opened and in walked a short, 15 year old girl with black hair and green eyes.
“You know, you don’t have to leave,” said Lila.
“Sorry, Lila, but someday you’ll understand…you’ll want to move, out too,” Alice said.
Lila never wanted her sister to leave but she didn’t come right out and say it.
“Come help me pack,” said Alice.
“Have you even found a house yet?,”asked Lila.
“Yes, but we have to renovate it,”Alice answered.
“I bet it’s a small house,” Lila whispered under her breath.
“Actually, it’s a big house,” Alice responded, clearly hearing her sister.”
“Well, big houses are always the haunted ones in the stories,” said Lila.
“This isn’t a story,”Alice said, getting frustrated by her sister.
A month later, Lila sat at the window of her parents house, watching moving vans come and go. Finally, the vans were all gone and Lila watched as Alice gave her mother a hug and drove off in her car.
“She’ll be back,” Lila thought to herself.
The next week, Alice was out of town for her job. Lila walked to her sister’s new house. It was only a few blocks away. In her pockets, she carried a pack of matches. She wondered what she should do.
Inside the house, from the old attic window, a blurry spot of light stared out. It was the spirit of Mr. Guttila, the previous owner. He watched in anger as Lila took the matches from her pocket. If only there was some way her could get out! As he was thinking, he heard a sound from downstairs. When he got to the kitchen, he saw a small mouse. Alice had left the door open and the animal had come in. Now he had a way out! As the spirit of Mr. Gutilla made his way out the door, he scared the mouse who then ran straight at Lila. When Lila saw the mouse she screamed and dropped the match she had just lit onto a steel pipe where it went out. The spirit of Mr. Gutilla was angry! He floated up to Lila and pushed her all the way home and right through her bedroom window.
Alice was so happy when she returned home to see that nothing bad had happened to her house. While she was away, she realized she had left her door open and was worried that mice had found their way in. She was so relieved that she decided to go to her parents’ house for a visit. She knew Lila was having a hard time without her.
Alice knocked on Lila’s bedroom door. When Lila answered, she looked a little more pale than usual. Before Alice had a chance to talk, Lila blurted out,
“I’d never to anything to hurt your house!”

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