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Grove Business Owner Defends Spring Christmas Wreath

March 16, 2016

By Hilde Kate Lysiak

A Selingrove business owner is defending his right to keep  his holiday decorations up no matter what the season.

Isabella’s Italian restaurant on Market Street has had a large Christmas wreath hanging up on it’s building for years. At first when asked about the wreath, Vincent, who works at Bella’s Pizzeria, defended the holiday display.

“I really like Christmas?” he told the Orange Street News.

But after a reporter let him know that some people think that leaving a large Christmas wreath up in March made the town look trashy, Vincent said his wreath should be the least of Selinsgrove’s concerns.

“You know what I think looks trashy. I think its trashy to see all the for rent signs in Selinsgrove. Selinsgrove doesn’t clean up their trees and all the trees block up the signs from the businesses and no one can see the businesses,” Vincent, told the Orange Street News.

It was unclear whether the wreath would be taken down.

Isabella’s isn’t the only one celebrating Christmas a little long.

Three months after the holiday season the traditional Christmas tree was still up at the Selinsgrove Commons.

“It’s March!” Selinsgrove resident Amy Putrow told the Orange Street News. “Christmas belongs in its own season.”

But Bruce Johnson, a member at the Commons Council told the Orange Street News that its not a Christmas tree at all.

“Its just a beautiful tree to be displayed,” Johnson told the Orange Street News.

The tree was finally removed last week.



One comment on “Grove Business Owner Defends Spring Christmas Wreath

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