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Message From Hilde: SelinsGhost-Town?

IMG_20150910_184447471The front page story for the April issue of the Orange Street News asks the question: is Selinsgrove becoming a ghost town?
One in five storefronts on the the main stretch of Market Street have already shut down and it looks like it is only getting worse.
Lots of people have expressed there ideas on what should be done. One idea that makes a lot of sense is that they should lower the rent.
Why would anyone want to open up a business in Selinsgrove when they could do it cheaper in Lewisburg where there are more people?
It just doesn’t make sense.
The more businesses that close the less people are going to want to come to Selinsgrove! I love walking around the firehouse and looking at the antiques and going to the Kind Cafe or Vivaci Music or Bella’s Pizza and it is important to me that these places stay open.
It is also why I try to shop downtown and spend my money there whenever I can!
Thank you for reading this issue of the Orange Street News and remember the date — April 1st!

Hilde Kate Lysiak

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